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Due to the Easter Sunday Libertarian Inquisition,
(via teleconference and a lack of courtesy to meet me face to faces)
I will no longer be on the Libertarian ticket for Governor of Missouri.
In order for my campaign to resurrect from this crucifixion,
I am starting a petition drive to gain the 10,000 signatures
necessary to run as an independent.
Simply send me an e-mail and I will send you a copy of the petition,
or right click, save and print.
Mail completed petitions to:
Chief Wana Dubie
Rt. 4 Box 931-1
Salem, MO 65560


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Dubie For Governor of Missouri 2008

After getting excluded by the Libertarian executive committee,

who have become the new "Left", two "Lefts" and a "Right" is most certainly a

knock-out blow for America. It's time for a "New Middle".

If America is based on the Constitution, then it's high time we had

a party that represents ALL Americans equally.

Please support my bid for Governor.

Dubie or not Dubie?

It's time to ask the question.

Let the "People" decide.

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or to contact me, e-mail me here.

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