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Electronic material handling production line
Application Scenario
This project is mainly for supporting electronic production plant workshop, feeding materials for electronic production line, and recover empty and pieces of material.There are 13 production lines in this workshop. Originally, all the production lines were supplied by man directly from the warehouse, which occupied the original passageway of the workshop.When delivering materials to the production line, more materials were given to the production line, which occupied the original passageway of the workshop, resulting in the low utilization rate of the workshop space and the phenomenon of materials being pushed, In addition, wrong delivery cannot be avoid with manual delivery.
Use Cases
The project moves goods from warehouse to production lines by jack-up and roller AGVs. Jack-up AGV moves cargo from warehouse to production line and roller AGV moves cargo from sorters to shelfs.
Achieve Cross-floor material transportation with multi-platform AMR dispatch system.

Task flow:

1.MES issue task --- jack-up AGV carrying out loading task --- deliver cargo to production lines --- stop at destination

2.MSE issue task --- jack-up AGV carrying out loading task --- recover empty boxes --- unload at station

3.MSE issue task --- roller AGV carrying out loading empty boxes task --- unloading empty boxes --- carrying out loading full box task – unloading full box – stop as resting point.

Mission brief:

1.AGV automatically connects with the sorting machine and takes the full material box.

2.AGV delivers the full box to the production line.

3.The task information is provided by MES system.

Due to the high pace of the sorter and the long distance between distributions, the whole process is divided into two stage.

Phase I:

Roller AGV takes cargo from the sorter and unload it to the designated turnover car, each car can carry 8 boxes.

Phase II

When the turnover car is full, jack-up AVG will take them to the production line.

  • 01/ ? Poor location environment
  • but the accuracy requirement for locating is high.
  • 02/ Operation area is small
  • Roller AMR and Jack-up AMR takes up the same area. Intelligent dispatch is required to avoid collision.
  • 03/ Transport demand sometimes are heavy
  • pose strict requirement on speed and AGV battery.
Value to customers
Automatic operation
Cargo handling, elevator control to achieve automatic operation.
Triple security
Triple security intelligent obstacle avoidance system to ensure the safety of system operation.
Windows operating system, easy to operate, strong extensibility.
Unified Scheduling
Unified Scheduling Platform, intelligent centralized control system.
Remote operation
The wireless communication system of the special lifting robot is convenient for remote operation and monitoring.
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