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3C Industry
Intelligent Logistics Solution for PC assembly workshop
Application Scenario
The deployment of the jack-up robot logistics application system on the mobile phone terminal production line of the customer’s factory requires a human-machine hybrid and multi-platform cooperation, achieve material transfer and empty car recovery between the first floor batching center and the second floor FAT production line. To form an intelligent and automated logistics management system.
Use Cases
6 lxlr-fr3600l lifting and handling robots;1 set of elevator docking scheme; 1 server; 1 set of network scheme.
Deploy software;Blueprint scheduling system;Material call system.
LXLR-FR2510L jacking handling robot is used to realize the material transportation between floors through multi platform AGV scheduling.


  • 01/ It needs to connect with the elevator automatically to realize cross floor handling.
  • 02/ The material placement accuracy of cooperative Robot shall be within 0.1mm.
  • 03/ CNC machine is connected with AGV (AMR) dispatching system. Each CNC is an independent system. Central control system needs to be connected with each CNC before connecting with FMS.
  • 04/ The pace requirement for the production line is fast and there needs to be a central control system in the middle and achieve 8 CNC loading and unloading in 360s.
Value to customers
Automatic operation
Automatic operation of cargo handling and elevator control.
Triple safety
Triple safety intelligent obstacle avoidance system to ensure the safe operation of the system.
Strong expansibility
Windows operating system, simple operation and strong scalability.
Unified scheduling
Unified dispatching platform, intelligent central centralized control system.
Remote operation
The wireless communication system of special lifting and handling robot is convenient for remote operation and monitoring.
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