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3C Industry
3d visual feeding of a hard disk manufacturer
Application Scenario
In the traditional 3C industry, workers take the raw computer hard disk from the material basket and place it one by one on the conveyor belt for processing. After processing, the workers put the processed metal pieces back into the material basket, which is not efficient. The client wants the robot to grab tightly stacked pieces one by one and place them on a conveyor belt.
Use Cases
LXPS-HS0232-B 3d vision sensor, custom robot capture SDK software V1.0, blunt manipulator.
Visual system
Including Smart Camera Hardware, industrial computer, mouse, keyboard and supporting software (no monitor)
Manipulator mechanism and other integrated parts
Brtirus 0805 A, ip-enabled. TCP Communication Protocol.
Identify the hard disk in the material disk, send the coordinate information to the manipulator to perform grabbing.

1、The method of incoming material is manual feeding: After the products in the turnover box are picked up, the system gives a prompt to manually replace the incoming material basket.

2、The manipulator picks it up and puts it into the material slot on the transmission line. The transmission line can be suspended once, and then continues to rotate after the placement is completed.

3、The cycle time of the manipulator is about 7 seconds, and the total cycle time of visual processing is 8-9 seconds.

  • The material basket is deep and collision may occur.
  • The surface is reflective.
  • The appearance of hard disk is different from different manufactures thus added difficult to the algorithm.
Value to customers
Cost Effective
The price is one-third of that of similar foreign products.
3d Vision Camera
High speed, high accuracy, wide field of view.
Industrial Grade
Can deal with the dust environment, has been CE certification.
Technology of intelligent path planning algorithm
You can choose your own crawl path to avoid collision.
A mainstream brand of robot
Suitable for all kinds of industrial robots.
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