Bluecore Bluecore
3C Industry
Led material handling production line
Application Scenario
4 LED lamp production lines in 3C industry. The targeting material is the material on the material car of the corresponding material processing station. The AMR automatically moves into the pallet and raises, adjusts the direction and delivers the pallet counter-clockwise (reference) to the material placing station of each production line; Automatically raises the empty pallet and circumnavigates the pallet counter-clockwise(reference) back to the corresponding material processing station.
Use Cases
8 LXLR-FR3600L LIFTING ROBOT; 70 mobile trucks; 3 Wireless APs; 1 Server; 1 network solution.
Deployment Software; blue-core Blueprint Scheduling System; blue-core Technology Materials Call System.
Loading and unloading point was selected by hand manually with PAD. Tasks are assigned accordingly.


  • Material truck cannot slide out AGV carrying tray.
  • Material running cannot being hit
  • slide
  • etc. .
  • Stable and reliable docking is required and the success rate should be above 99.8%.
Value to customers
Unmarked visual navigation
Multi-sensors are fused to avoid obstacles and ensure the security in the warehouse and other scenarios.
Matching requirement
Supporting artificial voice call material system.
Easy to use
USER-FRIENDLY UI settings, easy to learn, faster to start, easy to deploy construction.
Opening up
Seamless docking of MES/WMS/ERP information platform and third-party robots or RCS.
High efficiency
Based on intelligent algorithm, large-scale multi-robot scheduling is realized, and the cooperative work is efficient.
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