Blue Chip Technology Awards and Mobilisation Conference held

Recently, blue chip technology “2020 summary Recognition and 2021 mobilization conference”was held in Hangzhou.


Zheng Chao, vice president of the BLUECHIP PRODUCT R & D Center, and Zheng Weijun, vice president of the Vision Product Integration Center, respectively summarized the work of bluechip technology in 2020, strategic deployment of 2021’s mobile robot products and deep vision technology.

2021, blue core technology will upgrade the technology and quality of mobile robots while focusing on key areas and developing new products. Blue Core Technology’s deep vision technology will focus on positioning and obstacle avoidance for mobile robots, the introduction of integrated depth algorithm of the visual sensor, for the whole product to do a good job of “Intelligent eyes.”.


2020 has been an extraordinary year, with new coronaviruses attacking the world.

Blue core technology overcame the difficulties, resumed production quickly, and pushed forward the project work smoothly. Its performance has been steadily improved throughout the year. This can not be possible without the hard work of blue core technology’s outstanding individuals, groups and staff, and community support for Bluechip.

In the recognition meeting, Blue Chip Technology CEO Dr. Gao Yong and the Department of high-level Blue Chip Technology for 2020 outstanding workers and outstanding groups awarded certificates of honor, awards.


The 2021 is here, and blue chip is on the move. CEO Gao Yong pointed out at the mobilization meeting that the new “Battle”has started from zero hour on January 1, and the “Lighthouse”has shown us the direction.

CEO Gao Yong called on everyone to bring out the blue chip spirit and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, around the 2021’s new goals and key results, in minutes, and strive to win. 

2021, LET'S FIGHT!

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