Blue chip to attend the Solar Industry Application Exchange Conference

Today, “Machine vision technology in the Solar Industry Application Conference”was held in Suzhou Futedaisi hotel. Wang Zhaohui of blue chip technology was invited to attend the conference, delivered the keynote speech “Deep Vision Enabled Robot & PV INDUSTRY”.


The conference, co-organized by the Machine Vision Industry Alliance (Cmvu) , the China Academy of Metrology and the China Photovoltaic testing network, aims to exchange and explore the application of machine vision technology in the field of solar energy manufacturing and testing and related solutions, promoting the intelligent development of Chinese solar energy industry. The guests at the meeting included experts in the field of photovoltaics, scholars, users and representatives of Chinese machine vision enterprises, at the conference, Mr. Xiong Limin, researcher of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, and Mr. Liu Wende, associate researcher, presented the current situation and testing requirements of the solar energy industry and the research on photoelectric parameter testing and quantity transmission technology of image sensor.


In recent years, more and more experts, scholars and enterprises pay attention to the application of machine vision technology in photovoltaic industry. As a company with computer vision as its core technology, lanxin technology always sticks to the original intention and mission of “Let robots understand the world and serve the world”, and is committed to the in-depth research and technology promotion of 3D vision technology.


At present, blue core technology has launched vision products including Eagle Series 3D vision sensors and Wukong (Sun Wukong) series 3D vision sensors. The Eagle series is a time of flight (TOF) based high-precision sensor developed by blue core technology. It can output strength map, depth map, and point cloud data synchronously. It has good adaptability to the environment, mainly used for mobile robot positioning and obstacle avoidance; Wukong (Sun Wukong) series is blue core technology based on multi-frame structured light technology to develop high-precision depth cameras, it is mainly used for mobile robot’s “Hand”to grasp the working object and other operations of visual perception. The above products have been widely used in robotics, 3C, medicine, auto parts, storage and other industries.

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