Bluechip completes series a financing

Recently, blue chip technology announced the completion of tens of millions of rounds of financing, this round of financing led by Blue Chi venture capital, the old shareholders think capital with the investment. Blue Chip Technology Founder and CEO Dr. Yong Gao disclosed that the funds will be used to accelerate technology product research and development and market development.

Blue Chip Technologies is a robotics company focused on the development and commercial application of mobile robot deep vision perception technology, with a full chain of product matrixes from vision sensors, vision systems, robots to industry solutions; software, it has full stack technology ability from robot location algorithm, Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm, motion planning algorithm to robot scheduling and management system.

Full Stack technology capability allows blue core technology to have the entire industrial chain upstream and downstream technology output capacity. Taking the vision sensor/system as an example, the product developed by blue chip technology provides a complete SDK and a general TCP/IP communication interface, and users can also develop it according to their own requirements.

The full-chain product Matrix enables blue core technology to have customer service capabilities in a variety of industries and scenarios. Taking the knapsack-carrying robot as an example, blue core combines the self-developed vision navigation, adaptive suspension system and intelligent scheduling system, it allows the robot to navigate autonomously, adapt to complex terrain, and co-ordinate with multiple robots, allowing customers to see task progress in real time without having to modify the site, and more importantly, the positioning accuracy and driving safety of the robot have been improved obviously.


The full stack, full chain capability and product Matrix allow bluechip to do a variety of technology and product combinations for customer needs and scenarios. At present, the products of blue chip technology have been used in batches by leading enterprises in industries such as Huawei, Toshiba, Foxconn, COMAC, Weixing, Qipai, etc. , cover 3C Electronics, new energy, semiconductor, automotive parts, construction machinery, clothing and other industries.

Dr. Yong Gao, founder and CEO of Blue Chip Technology, said the essential difference between a robot and a machine is that a robot has strong perception, whereas a machine does not. The core competence of future robots must be the perception technology of robots. Deep Vision will enable robots to break through the cognitive system of existing robots and give them the ability to perceive and understand 3D.

At present, only a few enterprises have the ability to develop vision perception technology of mobile robot in China, because of the late start and high threshold of related technology, and the cooperative research between robot vision and mobile robot.

Dr. Gao Yong believes that at present there are many domestic enterprises specializing in mobile robots, and there are also many enterprises specializing in sensors, but they can focus on the vision perception technology of mobile robots and combine depth vision with mobile robots, there are not many enterprises with multi-scenario solutions that can systematically export technologies and provide rich product matrices on a large scale.


After the completion of this round of financing, bluechip will make great efforts in the research and development of technical products and market development, giving priority to gradually popularizing the deep vision system of mobile robots developed by bluechip itself, make blue core technology complete machine products and similar companies in the technical gap, especially in the visual perception level.

At the same time, complete and advanced technology, blue core technology will cut into mobile robots into the new sub-areas, creating a richer product matrix, access to more markets, cover more industries.

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