Blue core enters Jinjiang to boost intelligent production

Recently, Lanxin technology was invited to visit crayon Xiaoxin, Tianbao sanitary products and other enterprises in the activity of "intelligent manufacturing expert enterprise trip" hosted by Jinjiang science and Technology Bureau and Jinjiang Economic Development Zone Management Committee.

Fujian is the starting point of China's ancient "maritime Silk Road", with business and tourism exchanges and prosperous economy since ancient times. Jinjiang City is located in the southeast of Fujian Province. There are many enterprises here. Shoe making, textile and clothing, food and beverage, eye umbrella, ceramic building materials and paper products are the six pillar industries and labor-intensive industries. Every year, enterprises not only face the problem of recruitment, but also face the problems of quality control, efficiency and capacity improvement. "Intelligent manufacturing expert enterprise line" aims to deeply investigate the technical needs of enterprises in the front line of production, and promote the intelligent, digital transformation and high-quality development of enterprises.


At crayon Xiaoxin (Fujian) Food Industry Co., Ltd., the blue core technology expert group carefully visited the enterprise's production, warehouse and distribution center, sorted out the existing technical problems of the enterprise one by one and answered them in detail. In the later stage, it will create customized intelligent solutions for the enterprise to make the production, storage and distribution links of the enterprise more smooth, Meet the rigid demand of high-quality development of enterprises for intelligent production.

Subsequently, the "intelligent manufacturing expert enterprise line" came to Quanzhou Tianbao sanitary products Co., Ltd. The enterprise hopes to conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation with bluecore technology on enterprise digital transformation and intelligent upgrading, so as to help the enterprise broaden its ideas and explore the market.


Fujian's manufacturing enterprises are gradually embarking on the road of intelligence and digitization with the spirit of innovation; Fujian's contribution to digital economy exceeds the national average; Fujian is also an important strategic market for bluecore technology. In August this year, 5g + blue core technology AMR successfully landed in the seven brand factory of a well-known garment enterprise, and its products boarded the CCTV financial channel "economic half an hour", setting up a demonstration banner of intelligent manufacturing and a wind vane for the upgrading and development of manufacturing enterprises.


It is reported that the activity of "intelligent manufacturing expert enterprise trip" will successively enter a number of manufacturing enterprises in Jinjiang City, continue to "feel the pulse" for enterprise production technology and develop a good recipe for intelligent manufacturing.

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