Visual perception dimension, mobile robot, general direction

When domestic mobile robot manufacturers turn their attention to the downstream, bluecore technology has never left the most core mobile robot visual perception technology in the upstream.

"Industrial scenes are mainly non-standard. If mobile robots can't" open their eyes ", they can't cope with the real-time changes of high frequency in the factory. The traditional QR codes and magnetic strips correspond to" discontinuous blind track "and" continuous blind track ". Lidar is a semi blind state - that is, they can only perceive the marks near them or the contour around them. In the future, robots will be faced with difficulties It must be an "eye opening" state. Robots with vision have more job opportunities and greater market space. "Chen Junming, assistant president of bluecore technology, said.

However, at this stage, there are few domestic manufacturers using visual sensors as the mainstream navigation application. On the one hand, the industry has not reached the large-scale volume stage, on the other hand, the visual access threshold is relatively high. The visual system is not only camera hardware, but also a series of software algorithms such as subsequent imaging algorithms and motion planning.

Dual track power - main difference

As an enterprise with computer vision technology as the core technology, bluecore technology product R & D mainly focuses on mobile robot vision system and related products. Its existing products are divided into two categories: first, depth vision products, including Eagle series 3D vision sensors and Wukong series 3D vision sensors; Second, mobile robot products, including handling robots, composite robots, unmanned forklifts, etc.


Among them, the whole mobile robot product is the carrier of the commercialization of bluecore technology mobile robot depth vision system (mrdvs). By enabling the visual perception of the mobile robot, improve the intelligent degree of the mobile robot's environmental perception (unmarked positioning, navigation, obstacle avoidance) and the perception of the working object, so that the robot at this stage can realize the leap from "mechanical control equipment" to "agent".

The depth vision products eagle and Wukong are two new series of products launched by bluecore this year.


The mobile robot equipped with eagle can collect the three-dimensional spatial information of the environment, realize the unmarked indoor navigation of the mobile robot through the algorithm, and improve the obstacle avoidance performance of the robot, that is, "leg eye cooperation". Wukong series focuses on "hand eye cooperation" with the arm (manipulator) of the mobile robot to realize the accurate operation of the working object, so as to realize the functions of loading and unloading, disorderly sorting and mobile picking.

On the one hand, this market playing method is based on the blue core technology's own technical gene, on the other hand, it is the strategic choice obtained by the blue core technology entrepreneurial team after experiencing the fighting in the domestic video security industry. When technology is homogeneous and target markets are highly overlapped, any industry will face overcapacity, fierce competition and even "shopping" price war. Therefore, when most robot companies choose laser sensors and focus on the downstream, bluecore technology takes depth vision system (mrdvs) as the core and is determined to redefine industrial mobile robots with mrdvs.

After continuous investment in recent years, the company's mrdvs has formed a complete technical system. The complete products of bluecore technology will gradually have greater and greater differences with similar companies, especially at the perception level. At the same time, because of mrdvs, the mobile robot of bluecore technology can enter some unique subdivided industries and blue ocean markets.

Depth selection under breadth verification

Starting from the upstream does not mean that bluecore technology despises the downstream application scenarios. On the contrary, bluecore technology can more easily explore the downstream industries based on the independently developed upstream core parts and perfect complete machine series products.

As the commercialization of aproducts has been accelerated, the development of downstream scenarios in the industry has been accelerated, and the needs of each end user are different, basically a project needs to develop a set of products under non-standard scenarios, not only does the hardware need to be “Tailored”, the software sometimes involves secondary development. Lead to the whole project time cost, labor cost, development cost investment, directly affect the product in the small and medium enterprises.

At this time for the manufacturers, how to the scene of deep-level decoupling, and then quickly complete the application of the scene copy has become the key.


“Solving this problem requires thinking about the nature of the problem,”said Chen Junming, Lanxin’s assistant president. “The nature of the non-standard scene is a set of high-frequency dynamic information in a mixed environment, with too much uncertainty. Today’s mobile robot mainly embodies mechanical and control technology, while the deployment, implementation and adaptability to the scene, more requires the robot to have the ability of perception. When a robot can not fully perceive its environment, it is very difficult to face a high-frequency set of dynamic information.”

So, blue core technology solves the non-standard problem in three ways. The first point is to give industrial mobile robots the ability of visual perception through MRDVS, make the robots more “Smart”and enhance their adaptability to different scenarios, change the robustness of the scene, reduce the deployment, implementation workload.

The second point is to do the robot in the direction of the product, through a large number of non-standard project abstract out of the general software, hardware modules, when customers need to build building blocks for rapid assembly, reduce delivery time, control costs.

The final point is to focus on a few industries and reduce customization. Blue core technology since the day of opening up the market, to continue to subdivide the industry in depth. While demand may vary widely from industry to industry, there are generally many requirements that are common to the same industry. Blue core technology business will focus on 1-2 sub-sectors, deep cultivation. At present, blue core technology mobile robot products have been in the target market industry head customers in large-scale applications.

Other industries are making breakthroughs by providing MRDVS technology to other robotics companies. Not only can train the visual market of the whole industry, but also can guarantee oneself to concentrate strength, break through the superior industry.

About the future, what blue chip has to do

“The founding team of blue chip technology has gone through the process of reshuffle in the security industry, and they know that if their products do not have technical barriers and there is no difference in the target market, they will definitely face the squeeze of the Red Sea war and even can not survive,”said Chen Junming, assistant president of blue chip technology.


From magnetic bars to qr codes to lasers, mobile robots have not shied away from “Weak perception”navigation, while computer vision will allow robots to break through existing cognitive systems, giving them deep perception and understanding of 3D, so the industry will think that vision is the future of the real direction. At this stage, due to the constraints of Algorithms and computing power, few enterprises can actually apply computer vision to mobile robots.

Blue chip technology from the inception of the choice “To do the right thing”, rather than “Do the easy thing”, did not choose “Imitation and replication. In the future, blue chip technology will continue to play its own characteristics, from the visual perception dimension for the development of the mobile robot industry to make its own contribution.

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