Secretary of Shenzhen Nanshan District Party Committee visited the blue core exhibition hall

Yesterday, Zeng Pai, Secretary of Shenzhen Nanshan District Party committee, and Zhang Zhenfeng, Secretary of Hangzhou Yuhang District Party committee, visited China's artificial intelligence town. Chen Junming, assistant president of bluecore technology, received the Secretary and his party, and introduced bluecore technology's technical team, product R & D and project implementation to the two secretaries and on-site visitors in detail.


Bluecore technology is an enterprise with computer vision as the core. The core R & D team is composed of experienced artificial intelligence experts at home and abroad. Based on the self-developed TOF and structured light technology, the 3D vision sensor independently developed by enterprises can realize the functions of robot navigation, positioning, measurement, detection, guidance, recognition and grasping.

The mobile robot products developed by enterprises are an important landing field of vision technology of bluecore technology, and also a successful test of TOF and structured light vision technology developed by enterprises. Enabling the mobile robot with depth vision can not only solve the problems of robot positioning, navigation and obstacle avoidance, but also expand the market application and give full play to its advantages in goods sorting, destacking, loading and unloading, defect detection and so on.

At present, the mobile robot products of bluecore technology have been applied on a large scale among the top customers in 3C electronics, photovoltaic, semiconductor, soft package printing, clothing accessories and other industries. The cooperative customers include Huawei, Toshiba, Foxconn, Weixing, Qipai, COMAC, Zhejiang Provincial Department of public security, etc.

In the future, bluecore technology will continue to innovate and explore in the field of "robot" vision, and help the sustainable prosperity and development of China's AI industry and manufacturing industry with better technologies and services.

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