Wang Qing and his party visit blue chip technology research visit

Yesterday, Wang Qing, deputy director of the Government of the People’s Republic of China area in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, secretary of the Party and Industry Committee of the Core Port Area, Yu Yi, executive director of the Taizhou Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shi Qing, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the core port area, and you Hua, deputy director of the Party and government office of the core port area, ma Zongyou, deputy director of the Economic Development Bureau of the core port area, and his delegation visited the headquarter of Lanxin technology in Hangzhou.

Vice President Wang and his party watch the blue core technology visual product demonstration

Blue Chip Technology CEO Gao Yong led Vice President Wang and his delegation to visit the Blue Chip Technology Vision Product R & D Center, THE WHOLE Machine Product R & D Center and the Supply Chain Center, this paper introduces the Development Course, development plan, core technology, market target and business progress of bluecore technology.

High General introduction blue core technology complete machine products

Vice Director Wang expressed approval for Lanxin Technology’s technological innovation and product innovation in the field of robotics. He hoped that Lanxin technology would make full use of the team research and development advantages of Hangzhou and the supply chain advantages of Taizhou high port area after it was established in Taizhou high port area, to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, to provide strong technical support for the industrial upgrading of local manufacturing enterprises, to build intelligent manufacturing brand enterprises.

Vice President Wang and his delegation visited the blue chip technology supply chain center

Vice Mayor Wang and his entourage

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