In August, we ride the waves together


July 31, BLUE CHIP TECHNOLOGY SECOND QUARTER CONFERENCE held in Hangzhou. The meeting was chaired by President Chen, with the theme of “Work Together, adhere to win”. The management of the enterprise and some employees attended the meeting.


At the meeting, VICE PRESIDENT OF PRODUCT R & D Center, Vice President of Marketing Center, Chief Financial Officer, director of Supply Chain, director of personnel and organization Construction Department, respectively on the first half of the work of each department restock, on the second half of the work deployment.


Since the second quarter, domestic enterprises gradually get rid of the impact of the new crown disease, enterprise production and business contacts between enterprises returned to normal levels. Blue chip technology business in the second quarter showed high arc growth, in addition, the new launch of 3D visual products this year also received a good report card, as a new business growth point.


CEO Gao Yong at the meeting again clearly the mission, objectives and development plan of the enterprise, emphasizing the direction and focus of product research and development work and market development, at the same time, the third quarter of the development target put forward higher requirements. Time is running out and 2020 is in the second half. President Gao called on all staff in the work to face up to the problem and solve the problem as a prerequisite, around the goal of open growth.

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