April 24, blue chip technology 2020 FIRST QUARTER WORK SUMMARY MEETING HELD IN THE COMPANY'S R & D Center Training Room. Blue Chip Technology Management and outstanding employees of the quarter attended the meeting.


At the meeting, the leaders of each section of marketing, technology, products and supply chain made a detailed summary of the work of bluechip technology in the first quarter of 2020 in the fields of market development, technological research and development, quality control, and supply guarantee, etc. , the second quarter of the key deployment.


At the beginning of 2020, due to the outbreak, the normal operation of the company’s various departments has been affected. In order to adapt to the changes of the Times, in February, blue chip started to fully resume its work online, and all employees keep up with the company’s pace, carry out the work in an orderly and meticulous manner.

Through the team’s unremitting efforts, the first quarter of the company’s return rate did not fall instead rose, enterprise-developed Vision Products Eagle Series Obstacle Avoidance Camera lot-by-lot on-site users; The research and development of pure vision navigation products have made a breakthrough progress.

No pain, no gain. In the recognition segment of the conference, the company’s executives awarded badges and bonuses to the “Cutest”blue chip, the quarter’s best employees. Honor and reward, is to let “Excellent become a habit”of the corporate culture into each blue core colleagues in the blood.


At the end of the meeting, Blue Chip CEO Gao Yong summed up the meeting. The first quarter of this year is a very special time. Under this special environment, we should uphold the spirit of long-term hard struggle, firmly “A single spark can start a prairie fire”belief. President Gao called on all the blue core with full enthusiasm, strong energy, will win the conviction, play a good blue core technology venture offensive center.

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