Ding-dong! You have a blessing to sign

Today it is “International Women’s Day”, also known as “International Women’s Day”in China, and now it is commonly known as “Goddess Festival”. Today, we’re going to talk about women.


Ever since God created Evva, women have lit up the world and made the planet brighter with every moment of their lives. Next, let’s take a look at some of the data on women.

According to the world population clock, March 7,2020, at 18:38:06, the world’s total female population is about 3.9 billion, nearly the same as the number of men. In Numbers, women already hold up half the sky.


As of 2019, there were 53 female Nobel laureates. The first woman to win the Nobel Prize was Marie Curie Curie, the only woman to win it twice -- the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903 and the Nobel prize for Chemistry in 1911.

In 2019,14 of the heads of Fortune 500 companies were women -- up two from 12 in 2018.

“The world is a woman’s book.”-- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“Woman, in your laughter is the music of the Fountain of life.”-- Rabindranath Tagore

“A woman is a mother to the world, not only because she bears children, but also because she educates and gives the joy of life.”-- Gaz


From ancient times to the present, through the long years and constant struggle, women with self-confidence and efforts to win the world’s praise and applause.

Today is a special period of “Goddess Festival”, the world is still shrouded in the haze of the virus. Many women are still fighting on the front lines of the epidemic, among them the post-1990s, post-1980s, post-1970s and even post-1940s (academician Li Lanjuan) . There are also ten million ordinary and great women who stick to every position and contribute their light and heat to their families, enterprises and countries.

——Like it for the ladies, Love You, not just today!


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