BLUECHIP 2019 annual review and recognition conference


On the morning of January 10, the annual work summary and commendation conference of Lanxin technology held in Hangzhou town of artificial intelligence was held.


At the beginning of the meeting, the PERSON IN CHARGE OF TECHNOLOGY R & D, product and marketing made a detailed report on the work of the company in 2019 in the fields of technology and product R & D, Project Implementation and marketing.


2019 has been a year of remarkable achievements in blue chip technology. The company has made new breakthroughs in various businesses, from research and development, production, implementation, marketing and other departments to work together and collaborate, the visual products developed by the company have been applied in many leading enterprises of the industry. The unmarked vision navigation robot is the first one applied in the handling scene in China. The company’s self-developed depth vision system technology can be used not only for navigation, positioning, detection, identification, guidance and more easily. As a leader in the field of computer vision, blue chip technology will benefit from the intelligence and flexibility of the manufacturing industry upgrade trend, the future will be to the international first-class robotics technology and service providers forge ahead!

In the recognition segment of the conference, the company executives for 2019 to shoulder the burden, quietly paid blue core employees awarded outstanding New Star, Star of the season, outstanding, outstanding management, CEO nomination and many other awards.


Consul General Gao extended warm congratulations to the employees who were commended and affirmed the achievements made by the company in 2019. 2020 is a key year, Gao called on all of us in the New Year to continue to work together, with diligence and wisdom for the future of the enterprise, for our common goal to open up territory!

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