Blue Chip won “The most valuable investment enterprise”

On December 27, the 10th China Logistics Investment and financing conference hosted by the Logistics Investment and financing branch of China Transportation Association was held in Shanghai. With the theme of “New finance, new logistics and new opportunities”, and with the investment and financing opportunities in the logistics industry as the core topic, about 400 representatives from government departments, manufacturing enterprises, e-commerce platforms, logistics enterprises and financial institutions were invited to attend the forum to discuss issues related to industry policy, AI and blockchain.

The 10th China Logistics Investment and Financing Conference

This session of the conference, together with one of the international Big Four-Ernst & Young, jointly selected “China’s logistics industry in 2019 the most investment value of enterprises”, the selection has also been cdh investment, Zhong Ding capital, Ji Yuan capital, dark horse fund, Huaxing capital, Dao Tong capital, yingke capital, jiuding investment, Benne capital, sunshine fusion capital and other investment institutional experts support.





Zhao Guoqing, vice president of the National Railway Administration and former chief engineer, gave the keynote speech

According to the introduction, the Evaluation Committee evaluated the candidate enterprises from the dimensions of business performance, future potential and social value, and finally the selected enterprises reflected the current development trend of China’s logistics industry to a certain extent. 

As a provider of intelligent manufacturing and logistics solutions, bluecore’s unique deep vision system and related logistics robots and solutions add to the field of intelligent logistics and “Intelligent manufacturing”, has Been fully recognized by the Expert Review Committee, was named “2019 logistics industry most investment value enterprises.”.

Dr. Yong Gao, CEO of Blue Chip Technology, received the award on behalf of the company

China Logistics Investment and financing conference has been successfully held for 9 sessions, and the annual investment value enterprises selected by the conference have become an important wind vane in the field of investment and financing. This award not only shows the industry on the business model, business development, brand value and other aspects of recognition, but also highlights the market value of blue chip technology investment recognition.

Blue Chip Technology won the “2019 logistics industry most investment value enterprises”

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