Blue Chip completes PRE-A round


Investment Circle (Weixin ID: PEDAILY2012) December 27 news, Hangzhou Blue Chip Technology recently announced the completion of Pre-a round of financing, the ability to invest by thinking capital. This round of financing will help blue chip technology in the Deep Vision System (DVS) and robot applications in the field of continuous R & D Investment and Application Development. Prior to this, blue chip technology has obtained from the rich capital, Hangzhou Jintou, Yuhang District Industry Fund Angel Round Investment.

Founded in 2016, Hangzhou lanxin technology is a high-tech company with computer vision as its core technology. Its main team members are from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Microsoft, ZTE and Nanjiang County. The company’s mission is to “Let robots ‘understand’the world and serve the world,”focusing on developing robot vision perception systems that allow robots to see, walk, do and think.

Blue Core’s deep vision system (DVS) gives the robot the ability of depth perception, enabling the robot to accurately sense the surrounding environment and recognize work objects, thus completing work tasks such as handling, grasping and sorting more quickly and safely, in order to meet different industrial fields in different application scenarios of human replacement needs. Since its inception, the company has insisted on its own research and development of core technologies, including depth vision sensors and intelligent algorithms. Blue Chip believes that the future will be able to stand out like Huawei Communications Industry, not only to do a full range of communications equipment, but also master the core chip and algorithm technology.

At present, blue core technology vision products have been used in Huawei, Weixing, Foxconn, Toshiba, China COMAC and other industry leaders, and verified the reliability of the company’s technology and products. In the robot field, blue core technology product line covers depth vision-based handling, bin sorting, automatic forklift, mobile sorting and other categories. At the same time, the depth vision sensor will be launched as an independent module, which can be widely used in industry, national defense, service and other fields.

“The robot industry is like a dragon that needs eyes,”says Gao Yong, founder and CEO of blue chip technology. Blue chip technology to do is the finishing touch, let this dragon take off. Many people think of us as a company, but AGV is only one of the most important applications of our deep vision system. This is where we start, but it’s not where we end. Our deep vision system technology can be used not only for navigation and positioning, but also for detection, recognition and guidance.”

“Robots have been used for decades,”said Fan Yue, chief investment officer of Weisi capital. “Most of the devices can only perform predetermined actions, reflecting the “Machine”character rather than the “Human”character. Computer Vision System will greatly improve the level of robot intelligence, is the perfect embodiment of artificial intelligence technology in the industrial field. Blue Core Technology team has rich experience in sensor design, algorithm development, product architecture, and its industrial solutions can safely and stably complete the work of handling, grasping, guiding and so on. As the industry leader in Computer Vision, the company will benefit from the trend of intelligent and flexible upgrade of the manufacturing industry, with a broad market application prospect.”

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