Blue core carry avision products meet light fair


The 23rd China International Photoelectric Exposition


202116-18 September


Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

01B039(Booth number)

THE MOBILE ROBOT DEPTH Vision System LX-MRDVS (Mobile Robot Depth Vision System) and related products have been developed to give the Mobile Robot the ability of positioning and navigation, obstacle avoidance, docking and Mobile grasping, mobile robot in the security, stability and intelligence more outstanding, more able to adapt to customers complex and diverse, dynamic production scenarios.

Blue core technology products and Solutions Cover 3C manufacturing, semiconductors, new energy, engineering machinery, Automotive Parts, soft package printing, railway chemicals, pharmaceutical, clothing and other industries; Our clients include Huawei, ZTE, Toshiba, foxconn, tpv, Nikko, Hynix, Yangtze Pharmaceutical, Qipai and many others.

At the fair, bluechip will showcase a range of 3D vision sensors, including Eagle and Wukong.

The Eagle series -- Eagle-s1: aobstacle avoidance cameras

A 3d visual obstacle avoidance camera designed for Mobile Robots can identify obstacles in the field of view and low obstacles.

EAGLE-V1: A’s location camera

The unlabeled natural environment information is collected, and the collected visual information is connected with the actual position of the robot to complete the autonomous positioning and navigation of the robot.

EAGLE-M3: A’s docking camera

Precise docking tray for auxiliary unmanned forklift. In the case of a deviation in the tray placement, the intelligent adjustment into the fork direction, the true realization of intelligent fork and handling.


Auxiliary robot

Mobile grab/loading/unloading

Visual system of random sorting/palletizing

Wukong-H1:Moving grab, loading and unloading

Based on the depth learning algorithm, the composite mobile robot is used to grasp and feed the object, and the success rate is high.


Wukong-H2:Random sorting, stacking and stacking

The pose estimation algorithm and Ai Intelligent 3d matching algorithm based on deep learning are used to guide the manipulator to grasp the working object accurately.

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