Blue Core releases heavy-duty transport robot V

Bluemonkey releases new generation FR31000L heavy load handling robot. The robot is equipped with LX-MRDVS mobile robot depth vision system. The length of view is 110 * 30 degrees. It can detect obstacles in the field of view and low obstacles.

LX-MRDVS gives mobile robot the ability of visual location and navigation, visual obstacle avoidance, visual docking and visual grasp, which makes mobile robot more excellent in security, stability and intelligence, more able to adapt to customers complex and diverse, dynamic production scenarios, thus providing enterprise customers with more reliable and efficient internal logistics solutions.


The top of the robot can be installed with customized modules, which can be quickly installed and easy to maintain.


Blue Core Technology is a benchmark company of V(Vision Mobile Robot Visual Mobile Robot) in China, which has the advanced depth Vision perception technology-lx-mrdvs Mobile Robot depth Vision system, as well as mobile robot whole machine technology-including robot core controller and robot scheduling system.

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