The Blue Core presents the light fair, creates the AULTRA strong vision

September 16-18, the 23rd China Light Expo Cioe held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Covering Information Communication, laser, infrared, ultraviolet, precision optics, lenses and modules, sensors, etc. , focus on the display of recent years at home and abroad advanced photoelectric innovation technology and products.


Blue Core Technology and mobile robot depth vision at the expo. Based on the principle of Tof, the Eagle Series 3D camera can be used for mobile robot navigation and positioning, obstacle avoidance, docking. Based on the principle of structured light, the Wukong series of high-precision 3d cameras can guide industrial robots for grasping, welding, gluing and grinding (blue core booth 1 B039)



Starting from 2013, China’s industrial robot market has been the world’s largest for eight consecutive years. The market is expected to reach 146.3 billion yuan by 2025.


On the one hand, there is an urgent need for mobile robots in the digital and intelligent upgrading of tens of thousands of manufacturing enterprises, and on the other hand, the “Limited ability”of traditional mobile robots in dealing with complex industrial environments, supply-demand mismatch and the urgent need for technological innovation to break down the application boundaries of robots.


In 2016, blue chip technology took the lead in the layout of Mobile Robot Deep Vision, which is the first and only Robot company in the field of Mobile Robot to develop MRDVS (Robot Deep Vision System) and realize commercial application.


We firmly believe that the core competitiveness of robots in the future must be robot perception technology. Installing an “Eye of wisdom”on mobile robots, so that robots can see and understand their three-dimensional world as human beings, will open up a wider application space and market scale for the entire industry.

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