Blue Core won “The year outstanding Technology Innovation Enterprise”


Yesterday, the winners of the award for “2021 Technology Innovation Enterprise”were announced. After three rounds of intense selection by OFweek network voting, Expert Panel Review and Organizing Committee Comprehensive Review, the technology innovation, product competitiveness and comprehensive strength of nearly 300 enterprises were evaluated, the final selection of 2021 China’s industrial automation and digital industry award-winning enterprises, blue core technology honored in the list.


In recent years, the pace of manufacturing intellectualization and digitalization has been quickened, and industrial robots have been developing rapidly. More than 2.7 million industrial robots are in operation in factories around the world, up 12% to a new record, according to the IFR world robotics 2020 report.

Mobile robot is an important part of industrial robot, is the infrastructure of enterprise intelligent production line logistics, plays an important role in tandem enterprise production technology, production equipment, and ultimately for enterprises cost reduction, efficiency, quality improvement, innovation, enabling enterprises to achieve high-quality development.

Blue Chip Technology Vice President Zheng Weijun shares project case

The application scene in the industrial field is complicated, and the requirements for the navigation accuracy, driving safety, equipment docking precision and intelligence of mobile robot are very high. Blue core technology breaks through the traditional technology boundary of mobile robot, takes the depth vision as the core, and develops the depth vision system LX-MRDVS for mobile robot, mRDVS is the first and only company in the field of mobile robot in China to develop MRDVS and realize commercial application.


Blue Chip Technology Vice President Zheng Weijun interviewed by reporters

The award of “Outstanding Technology Innovation Enterprise of the year”indicates that blue core technology in technology innovation, product competitiveness, enterprise comprehensive strength and other aspects of recognition. In the future, bluechip will focus on the four industries, tap customer demand, continue to increase their own core technology and differentiated product R & D Investment, for the development of the robot industry and Chinese enterprises intelligent, digital transformation to contribute their own strength.

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