5g robot to build logistics of intelligent production line in PV industry

In the past quite long period of time, coal, oil, gas and other traditional energy in promoting the long-term development of human industrial civilization, but also brought about the consumption of non-renewable resources and environmental pollution.

In recent years, with the development of energy storage technology and ultra-high voltage, photovoltaic-based clean energy will gradually replace the traditional energy and become the main energy. Even in 2020, even under the impact of the epidemic, the global installed capacity of the photovoltaic industry still maintained a high growth rate. 2021, the global potential for explosive growth is still huge, with an optimistic forecast of 160 gigawatts of global market growth over the next five years.

With the rapid development of industrial scale, the pain point of photovoltaic enterprises in the process of production management has gradually emerged. Due to the decrease of the working-age population and the increase of labor cost, the integration and large-scale of pv modules are becoming more and more important.

In the production base of a large photovoltaic enterprise with a total area of 20,000 square meters and an average production capacity of 100,000 sheets per day, the photovoltaic workshop used to rely heavily on manual transfer, loading and unloading, and occupied more human resources of the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise decided to use autonomous mobile robots to replace cumbersome manual labor, improve the level of automation, to create a new unmanned workshop, increase production capacity. The large-scale photovoltaic enterprises finally choose Hangzhou Bluechip Technology Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bluechip technology”)5g intelligent handling robot, to help its intelligent production line logistics.

Blue Chip Technology was founded in 2016, is a mobile robot depth vision technology development and implementation of commercial applications of the robot company, from the beginning, blue core technology has set a computer vision as the core technology, technical landing policy based on intelligent logistics robot. Zheng Weijun, chief operating officer of Blue Chip Technology, said in an interview with at the OFweek2021 China Smart Manufacturing digital transformation summit, the combination of mobile robot and computer vision plays an important role in intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet and other new technologies and applications.

Zheng Weijun, COO of blue chip technology

Referring to the advantages of the products, Zheng Weijun said that compared with the same type of autonomous mobile robots on the market, Blue Core Technology 5G intelligent transport robots have the following characteristics:

Self-research core: Using self-developed LX-MRDVS mobile robot depth vision system, robot products in positioning and navigation, docking, obstacle avoidance superior to similar products. Signal Stability: THE FIRST LARGE-SCALE 5G mobile robot project in China has been successfully built by using the communication characteristics of 5G, such as large bandwidth, wide coverage, high reliability and low time delay to ensure the stable operation of the robot.

Flexible customization: According to the characteristics of the enterprise production line tailor-made logistics solution, flexible combination of robot products, with the exclusive output of a complete logistics solution for customers.

Global application: With automatic door, freight elevator system docking linkage, to achieve cross-floor robot and plant applications. Convenient deployment: The robot can locate and navigate by itself, no sign, no need to modify the scene, and the deployment is convenient.

In the process of implementation and deployment, blue core technology carried a self-developed 3D vision docking sensor for the robot, which was optimized by algorithm, in the face of the difficulties and key points such as high precision requirement of the equipment docking platform, fast production tempo and high transportation frequency, the docking precision can reach ± 1mm, which is obviously better than the industry level. At the same time, the robots are configured according to the production rhythm, the transportation frequency and the production line scale.

Blue Chip, 5g, intelligent transport robot

Security, blue core 5G intelligent transport robot 360-degree non-corner obstacle avoidance detection, high security. Several security sensors, including a 3D vision obstacle avoidance camera, are mounted on the body of Bluechip’s 5G intelligent moving robot. The 3d visual obstacle avoidance camera can make up for the defect of single-line Lidar in 2D obstacle avoidance. It can detect the obstacles in the application scene and the low obstacles (even the pits) in 3D, for example, the computer keyboard pulled out on the production line or the small paper box left on the driving path, thus ensuring the safety of people, facilities and equipment to the greatest extent.

Blue Core Technology’s 3D visual obstacle avoidance

In addition to 5G intelligent transport robots, blue core also has a full chain of product matrixes ranging from vision sensors, vision systems, robots to industry solutions; and software, it has full stack technology ability from robot location algorithm, Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm, motion planning algorithm to robot scheduling and management system.

Blue core technology complete machine products

Zheng Weijun said that blue chip technology can tailor-made software systems for customers in various industries, and provide a complete solution of intelligent logistics. At present, the products of blue chip technology have been applied in batches in leading enterprises of Huawei, ZTE, Toshiba, Foxconn, COMAC, TPV, powercolor, Lixun, hynix, ASE Group, Yangtze pharmaceutical industry, Qipai, etc. , covering 3C, semiconductor, new energy, soft package printing, railway chemical, construction machinery, pharmaceutical, clothing and other industries.

Blue Core Technology 3D vision sensor products

Referring to the future development of blue core, Zheng Weijun said that with 5G robot as the carrier, blue core technology will continue to provide more professional, more advanced and more complete intelligent logistics solutions for the entire industry, assisting manufacturing enterprises to realize intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation.


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