Blue Chip won the “Innovation of the year”Golden Globe award

October 27-28, mobile robot industry annual gala “2021 HIGH-TECH MOBILE ROBOT annual conference”held in Shanghai. Blue Chip Vision Slam forklift truck has been highly recognized by the industry and is honored to be on the 28th Gold Globe Award List for innovative products that caught the industry’s attention, according to the 2021.



The Slam unmanned forklift truck is jointly developed by two major product R & D centers, Blue Core Vision and the LX-MRDVS (deep vision system for mobile robots) , developed by blue core technology, 2021 is blue core technology introduced a heavy forklift mobile robot products, but also the first pure vision positioning and navigation of mobile robots.

The product collects 3D environmental information through the 3D vision sensor developed by bluecore technology, obtains dense depth data from point cloud images through Ai Algorithm, and greatly optimizes the positioning accuracy of the mobile robot, improving the robustness of mobile robot in complex environment.


Blue core technology visual SLAM unmanned forklift truck contains many core technologies: Map Construction and expression based on visual information, rapid positioning and path planning, detection and avoidance of all kinds of obstacles (including hanging obstacles, low obstacles, pits) ; Precise positioning and docking, dynamic scene processing, environmental light processing, make the safety, stability and intelligence of unmanned forklift to a new level.

At present, the forklift has been in machinery manufacturing, garment production, 3C Electronics, lithium battery, flexible package printing and other industries batch applications.


“Depth vision”to move a robot

At the conference, the vice president of Bluechip Technology, Zheng Chao, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Enabling Mobile Robots with deep vision”, sharing with the participants bluechip’s exploration and achievements in the field of “Deep vision”for mobile robots.

Zheng Chao pointed out that with the increase of application scenarios, mobile robots have moved from track to trackless, from low flexibility to high flexibility, and from safety to safer, but there are still three problems in the development of the industry, they are reliable non-marking location in complex environment, safe obstacle avoidance in complex environment and high-precision docking without marking.


The reason for this is that existing robots are very poor at sensing their surroundings by constantly “Touching”their surroundings and then moving forward step by step. Their perception of the environment depends entirely on the range of their “Touch”. While the current dominant AIS scanning a horizontal plane with a 2D laser at a certain altitude, the robot knows nothing about the environment beyond the scanning plane.

Regarding the development direction of mobile robot technology, Zheng Chao said that the future mobile robot must be the high integration of “Leg-hand-eye”, as well as the deep fusion of mechanical control technology and robot strong perception technology. Based on this judgment, blue core technology in the early days of focus depth perception technology research and development and application. We firmly believe that mobile robots installed on the “Eye of wisdom”will make robots more “Smart”, widening the application boundaries, the entire industry will be a broader market.

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