Blue Core to attend “Blue Book of Robots”conference

October 27, “2021 FORK-TYPE MOBILE ROBOT Industry Development Blue Book”in the “Fourth China International Mobile Robot (AGV/A) industry development conference”officially launched. Blue Chip Technology Vice President Zheng Chao was invited to attend the press conference.


“2021 blue book on the development of fork mobile robot industry”is edited by the Chief Editor of AGV/aindustry alliance, and co-edited by 20 LEADING DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY FORKLIFT R & D and production enterprises including blue chip technology, including new pine, Kunchuan, engineering, Hangzhou fork, Lynd and so on.


“Blue Book”statistics 2015-2020 industry data, in-depth analysis of the current fork mobile robot industry size, landing applications, development trends, as well as the mainstream fork lift truck business technical characteristics, for the majority of enterprises to provide development direction, path and model of reference, for the application end customer to provide a reference basis for type selection, to promote the fork mobile robot landing application and enterprise intelligent upgrade, is the most important “Encyclopedia”of the forked mobile robot industry.


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