Blue Core CEO: CREATING VWITH deep vision

Since Germany introduced the Industry 4.0 in 2013, major countries around the world have laid out new industries and industrial mobile robots have developed rapidly. The mobile robot market in China’s industrial sector totaled 3.654 billion yuan in 2020, up 40.05 percent year-on-year, according to GGII.

Industrial Mobile robot is an important part of industrial robots and an important tool of series production equipment “Isolated island”. The intelligent logistics solution of production line based on mobile robot is very important for manufacturing industry to realize digitalization, intelligentization, reducing staff and cost, raising efficiency and increasing production.


In the development process of industrial mobile robot, magnetic stripe, two-dimensional code, laser reflector AGV and laser navigation-based ahave appeared successively. The previous implementation of AGV was huge, and the route change lacked flexibility. 2D LASER NAVIGATION A, though easy to deploy and flexible, had some pain points: the changing environment in the field affected the robot’s positioning, in some application scenarios, the precision of work-station docking is required, the work-station configuration is diversified, and various safety problems are encountered in the process of robot running.

How to remove the existing industrial mobile robot pain point, breakthrough past technology and application boundaries?


“Right now, most robotics companies are still focused on mechanical, electrical, and control technologies. We believe that the real robot should first have human-like eyes and brains, with ‘strong perception’ability, through ‘eyes’to obtain rich three-dimensional environmental image information and dense depth data, through ‘Brain’to analyze and judge the information,”said Dr Gao Yong, CEO of blue chip technology.

In the view of Dr. Gao Yong, the development of robot is essentially a process from “Low end”to “Intelligence”, from “Weak perception”to “Strong perception”. From AGV TO A, industrial mobile robots have made a technological leap, and the second technological leap needs a turning point, which is the breakthrough of strong perception technology, especially depth vision perception technology.

At that time, there were many kinds of 3D vision sensors on the market, but none of them were designed for mobile robots. “Breaking an egg from the inside is life, is growth. Blue Core Technology has chosen a path that no one has gone before, and independently developed the Mobile Robot Deep vision System LX-MRDVS (Mobile Deep Visual Robot System) to build a new generation of Mobile Robot V, (Visual Mobile Robot) , through LX-MRDVS to improve the Robot’s environment perception ability, especially when dealing with complex environment, improve the accuracy and stability of Robot navigation, docking, obstacle avoidance and grasping.


After five years of technical precipitation, 2021 has fully popularized the self-developed mobile robot depth vision system LX-MRDVS on its own mobile robot products, promoting vproducts and solutions to the market, covering industries including 3C Electronics, semiconductor, photovoltaic, lithium battery, soft package printing, railway chemical, engineering machinery, pharmaceutical, clothing and other industries, customers include: Huawei, ZTE, Toshiba, TPV Technology, Hynix and other leading enterprises.

Talking about the future of the Blue Core, dr. Gao Yong said: “The robot industry has never been short of creators and self-breakthrough Spirit, every stick on the track is a wonderful continuation.”. Blue chip wants to run out of every stick of its own, to create value for customers with better technology, products and services, to seek development for enterprises, to seek happiness for employees, to seek returns for shareholders and to seek win-win Results for partners.”

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