Blue Chip completes $100 MILLION SERIES B financing
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November 30 news, Blue Chip Technology announced the completion of series B financing, the amount of more than 100 million yuan.

Blue Chip Technology is a robotics company that provides complete vision perception solutions for mobile robots and intelligent logistics solutions for manufacturing. The depth vision system LX-MRDVS is composed of depth vision sensors (covering medium-distance and short-distance) and Ai Algorithm.

The core members of the blue chip team are from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and well-known domestic robotics enterprises. The company mainly realizes business realization through the robot logistics solutions in the subsector, our customers include Huawei, ZTE, Midea, Toshiba, Foxconn, COMAC and the first-line customers in the photovoltaic and lithium-ion industries, with annual sales orders of more than 100 million yuan, accounting for 80% of the total orders.



Based on its own core technology LX-MRDVS (deep vision system of mobile robot) , blue core technology has the full stack technology capability and the ability to export the technology for the robot industry chain upstream and downstream. Its large-scale delivery and long-term cooperation applications include: Smart Logistics Mobile Phone Assembly Line, flexible logistics notebook computer production line, PC screen production line smart logistics, hard disk head automatic loading & UNLOADING & amp Unmanned handling, solar panel 5G intelligent logistics, semiconductor intelligent logistics, li-ion Intelligent Logistics & ; automatic loading and unloading, storage automatic logistics.


It is worth noting that with the rapid development of digitalization and intelligentization of enterprises, industrial robot technology and market scale have been developing rapidly in China Year by year, but due to the late start and high threshold of depth vision technology, and need to cooperate with mobile robot research, few robot companies at home and abroad targeted development of mobile robot depth vision. At present, the traditional technology is used for mobile robot positioning, obstacle avoidance and docking. The manufacturing environment is complicated, which brings many bottlenecks to the robot operation and the robot-related solution landing. Blue Chip Technology LX-MRDVS is a major breakthrough in mobile robot vision perception technology, the company has become the first and currently the only self-developed MRDVS and deployment of unmarked visual navigation robot companies.

Industry analysts believe that the maturity and popularity of deep vision perception technology in the field of robotics will break the existing application boundaries of mobile robots and explore a broader market, the scale of the robot market and the intelligentization of manufacturing will be speeded up again. From Tesla Ditching millimeter-wave radar for pure-vision autopilot, to Boston Dynamics releasing the latest Atlas Parkour video showcasing deep-vision technology, to the current round of capital-augmented deep-vision robotics, both seem to herald a “New decade”in robotics, beginning with deep vision.



“We are optimistic about the future of intelligent logistics and the application of blue chip technology in 3D vision perception on AGV A,”said a management at Deshaies battery, which is involved in the round of investment. DESHAIES has a lot of experience in smart manufacturing and our investment is not just financial. We look forward to greater co-operation and interaction in the development of the industry.”

“After this round of financing, Lanxin will continue to invest in 3C electronics, focusing on new energy, packaging, railway and chemical industries, accelerate the commercialization of the core technology LX-MRDVS, and accelerate the construction of the upstream and downstream partner ecosystem, so as to complement each other’s advantages and win-win cooperation, and jointly explore the application of deep vision technology in new industries and fields, so that more enterprises can share the benefits of the advances in robotics,”said Dr. Gao Yong, CEO of Lanxin Technology

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